Sunny San Diego keeps me smiling.
About the blog:
Researchers uncover life-changing secrets everyday, but not every discovery headlines as front page news. Many secrets even remain as such by living behind a mask of jargon after going public. I want to shatter the mask and bring science into the morning conversation. New knowledge is circulated everyday, so why not pop into a new learning circle once a morning.

About me:
I am Richard Louis Kizzee, a 2012 UC San Diego graduate with a degree in Human Biology and a tagline minor of Psychology. Living near the annual glowing waters of La Jolla Shores and surrounded by leading research institutes of the nation, I couldn’t help but wonder about the reasons behind the world. Anxious bioluminescent phytoplankton cause the glowing by the way.As an aspiring pediatrician, learning about the human form and that which affects it excites me every morning as a find a new article to disect. I want to share the excitement I wake up with every morning with everyone else in a way that even the most sleep deprived college student won’t cringe away from.

Wrapping up:
Each article will be from primary source, research articles mainly under the blanket of biology. However, neurology, oncology, psychology and their specific sister disciplines may be found in the blog as well. Follow on twitter for daily updates on the blog

Feel free to comment on any post. I love feedback/suggestions as learning to improve myself is just another form of research I love to rise to.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you John. It’s really fun for me finding out every morning what else the world has discovered while I slept.

    The title of your Blog, “The Silent Astronomer” is really clever. I’m going to have to give your threads a read.

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